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Not all virtual offices are made equal

Not all virtual offices are made equal

Virtual offices: you should understand what you are buying and the value that offering is bringing to your business image

Virtual office address

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service that provides you access to an actual office framework with low overheads and complete flexibility on which services you use. Often the business establishing the virtual office plan often work elsewhere to the business centre whether it is working from home, a different state, or a low-cost office in the suburbs. Businesses can then use this office as their registered business address.

There are other services available to businesses including mail handling services, call answering services, coworking, and meeting rooms for example, mail administrations, computerized mail, live phone replying, or admittance to day workplaces and meeting rooms at the chose area under a membership model or some other type of limited valuing.

What separates a virtual office client from a full-time office client is that a Virtual client doesn't have a full-time office at the area, yet uses a few components of the office on a pay-per-use basis. All the benefits with none of the costs.


Have your mail collect and cut down on admin!


The address you select for your virtual office is one of the main decisions you will make when you register your business. You will use that address on your website, business cards, and ASIC docs.  The reception teams will receive your mail, notify you, hold it for you to collect, or physically forward the mail to you. This allows you to focus on running your business.


Some logistics and mail providers like Mailboxes ect use the term 'virtual office' to describe a advanced mail PO box ran out of economical stockrooms or mail communities. Such operators don't do much to improve your business profile and, could even hurt instead of help your business. Be careful with cheap mail services at $9.99 as you can find online. You really wouldn’t want to have a potential client of yours walk past or go onto street view to find out your registered place of business is a mailbox! With this product, you really get what you pay for.


Where do you want to work in the future? coworking? serviced office space?

If you see the virtual office as being just a stepping stone to moving into an actual office space or a place to work every day, then you’ll probably want to pay careful attention to the features available and also the community around the centre. When you’re choosing your address, you should have your next step in mind. The cost and hassle of changing your address often outweigh the savings you'll make going cheap!

In this case, you should be looking at the cost of hiring meeting rooms, if they have a coworking space you can work from, or how much it is to take office space on a more permanent basis. You also find out if the demographic and industry makeup of the existing clients using the space is aligned with your new business venture. The people you share this address with are also a reflection of your brand.

So when you’re making your decision on which address to choose for your business, thinking ahead is key, this is an investment in your image and the future of your business.

We offer premium Virtual offices in SydneyBrisbane, Perth and Melbourne. These all have Meeting rooms, coworking, and serviced offices available so can support your growth as you need it. Our virtual offices are cheap but extremely good value for the quality provided.

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Which type of businesses use our services?

The business centres we represent our the home of High end Corporate start ups and SME’s, key industries include Finance, law, real estate, recruitment, Established tech & immigration agents.

What we're about?

The Best locations & high-quality services at the cheapest prices in the market. Locations in the heart of  Asia Pacific's major cities