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Who would benefit from a Virtual Office?

Who would benefit from a virtual office?

Virtual Office’s suit many businesses, the below examples demonstrate the diverse ways in which a Virtual office can benefit from either of our plans:


1 – e-commerce start up – Happy to work from home…

Companies use a virtual office when registering their business with ASIC, this ensures their home address remains private. Businesses may advertise the premium CBD address on their website which will improve the business' image and credibility.

They can also have a landline phone number assigned to the business which is answered by a professional receptionist.

Businesses can decide to have calls passed through to them or for our team to take a message. Virtual receptionists are important for image and credibility. You wouldn’t expect to call Amazon on a mobile number.  

If businesses have mail or parcels returned, they’ll be informed by an alert on our mail app. They can then select to have the mail forwarded, scanned, or held for collection.

The service is low cost and allows them to work the way they want and create a great company image without commitment or physical space.

2 – Consultant – works mainly on client sites in CBD

Wants a professional image in the CBD however, has no requirement for physical space so a virtual office works as a perfect solution.

They don’t want to miss calls for new business whilst they’re working during the day so they ask the team to say they’re unavailable and take a message.

On occasion, they need a meeting room to consult with new clients. They use our app to make a meeting room booking.

When the potential new client turns up for the meeting, they’re greeted by our professional concierge team who cement the high-level experience.

Once in a while, between jobs they need to touch down and use our coworking space to catch up on emails or print an important document.

These are simply a couple of examples, as you can see from the above examples, these are applicable to many different businesses.

 Choose from our virtual office locations in either Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Which type of businesses use our services?

The business centres we represent our the home of High end Corporate start ups and SME’s, key industries include Finance, law, real estate, recruitment, Established tech & immigration agents.

What we're about?

The Best locations & high-quality services at the cheapest prices in the market. Locations in the heart of  Asia Pacific's major cities